How to get your team to do what you want them to do (and be happy about it)

When I started out in management, many, many years ago, I used to get very frustrated.

I assumed that I would ask people in my team to do something, then they would do it. Simple.

But I quickly learned that it wasn’t that simple 😦

“Why won’t they just do what I ask them to do?” I used to sob…”Don’t they realise that I know what I’m talking about?”

Well, fast-forward twentyish years to now…

I have managed lots of teams.

Some I have managed well, some I still cringe about.

I have studied leadership and management at one of the world’s best Business Schools, learning about the theory and evidence about Management and Leadership.

I have been managed by good and bad leaders and managers, and have tried to understand why what they did affected my performance, both positively and negatively.

But most challenging has been taking over a rubbish nursery, and turning it round into becoming a thriving, happy business, with happy children, happy families, and crucially, happy staff.

And I have worked out a simple, 5 Step process that pulls together some useful techniques to help you to get your team to do what you want them to do.

And be happy doing it.

Because that’s what we want for our teams, isn’t it?

I love my team, and I want them to love working for me. I know that you feel the same.

So here is a lovely little webinar that explains it for you.

I did it live a couple of weeks ago, and have edited the recording. You don’t want to have to watch me trying for five minutes to start the Powerpoint Presentation, lol x



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