How to stop being overwhelmed and start feeling in control

So today I delivered a live webinar with my Top Tips on how to stop feeling overwhelmed, and how to start feeling in control.

Great, except that I started it late, and wasn’t sure if anybody could see or hear me!

I should have known that the technology gremlins would be out and about… usually I check, double check and triple check well before the start time. 

And usually, everything is fine, and I feel like I didn’t need to do all that checking…

So today I decided to deliver my webinar from my Mum’s house, instead of at my house, in my office, with my tried-and-tested set up.


First I tried to set up on my Mum’s computer. It was only once I had logged in and pressed start that I realised that there was no camera. Whoops!

So then I grabbed my laptop, started it up, and while it was starting did my makeup in record time.

Then I logged into Zoom, and tried to start my webinar. To find that I needed to download an app, which my windows laptop then told me it wouldn’t allow!

So, I don’t know how I did it, but by randomly clicking on pop up questions, I managed to start the webinar at 2:03pm. Three minutes late. For a webinar about being in control and not overwhelmed. How ironic!!!!

The good news is that I did it, people showed up, it went well:)

so here it is.

And here is my Leadership School:





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