What am I rebelling against???

Rebel leadership

🤬 I’m rebelling against slick men in suits telling me that to be a successful leader I have to be like them 🤬

❌ That I should dress like them in a grey power suit that costs more than my employee’s monthly wage.

❌ That I should leave emotion at home and not bring it to work.

❌ That I should always be stern with my team, and not let them make mistakes.

❌ That I should be untouchable, inaccessible and beyond my team’s reach.

❌ That I should insist that my employees bend over backwards to fit in with my working patterns.

❌ That as a woman I should be more like a man.

❌ That I should not expect the best from my team, and encourage, nurture and help them to shine. After all, it’s just work… And I don’t want them to think I’m soft.

Well, guess what… I am sooo Anti this traditional view of leadership.

I am loving.

I am compassionate.

I am nurturing.

I am encouraging.

And I am successful.

I have an awesome team, an awesome business and awesome customers who love the way we do things.

Join my rebellion! Who is in? 💖💖💖💖

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