Get a makeover….

Find somebody with passion for the thing you need help with, and let them help you.

I was really brave last week and did something I never thought i would do…

I went to a beauty counter and asked for help.

I used to love experimenting with makeup, I use to love trying out different products, but last week I realised that I didn’t really know how to do makeup that wasn’t based on the Spice Girls, TLC and Gwen Stefani, lol.

In fact, I was stuck in the decade when makeover programmes were all the rage!

So I decided to get help.

And it wasn’t scary, I didn’t get told off for doing things the same way for so many years, and I actually enjoyed myself!

Take a look at the results here, and see what this has to do with being a Nice Boss:
See the results here…
It’s good to get help from an expert…. 

Get in touch if you want my help.

Getting my face painted

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