This is not an ordinary memo…

📌This is not your normal memo📌

Can you imagine the “grey men in suits” handing these out to their teams? Or should I say workforce…🤔🤔🤔

💝It’s a Nice Boss quick and easy idea to spread some joy and positivity…💝

I found this notepad at Tiger, and it cost me £1.00. So today I asked two of my team members to write a lovely note to everyone in the team (including me).

Even though I hoped there would be something nice for me in my note, I was a bit nervous opening it…

And then when I read the gift given to me, I felt incredible 💝

In fact I do believe I cried a little bit at how loved I felt.

💖Nice Boss rule number 1:

Feedback is a gift. 💖

Give it.

Take it.

Encourage it.

Embrace it.

Sometimes it will make you cry with gratitude and love.

Sometimes it will make you cry with sadness.

But it helps us grow. It helps us connect. It helps us to see what impact we are having. It helps us change ourselves, and change the world.

Nurture your team to view feedback from each other, from customers, from you, as a gift, and your business will flourish.


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