I’m the owner and manager of Beeston Nursery in Nottingham and I also founded DoodlyRoo Ltd to help you manage your nursery with friendly Apps and software.

I am a qualified Primary Teacher, and have worked for many years in the NHS as a senior manager. My roles have always involved service improvement and quality improvement, and I have a learned a lot over the years about how to help teams to develop and become great at what they do.

I took over my nursery in 2012, and have turned it around so that it is a happy, ethical and thriving business, with happy staff, children and families.

I am always learning new things, and love to share what I have learned to help make things easier. Well, if there’s an easier way to do something, why do it the difficult way?

I am passionate about Leadership and about developing teams. After all, the staff are the most important part of your business. EVERYTHING comes down to them working hard, making good decisions and being great at what they do – looking after and educating children. 

Leadership and Management are things that you can learn to do well. You can learn how to become a better manager, and you can learn how to become a better leader.

I have been lucky enough to take part in the NHS Top Talent Leadership Development programme, and I achieved a Distinction in my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Entrepreneurship, from Nottingham University Business School, one of the top Business Schools in the world.

I have a passion for creating and supporting managers and Leaders, and developing high-performing teams. I love helping people to learn about themselves, and how they can use that knowledge to become the leader they want to be.


Join my Nice Boss Collaborative here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1039535189514906/

My Staff team are happy, fulfilled and supported, and I can prove it. That is very reassuring for people who are trusting us to look after their children, and I am happy to have a happy, fulfilled and ambitious team.

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