Choosing a nursery and buying a house – giant decisions made in a heartbeat.

How do you capture the essence of your nursery? What makes your nursery different to the one down the road? Does it matter? The answer is yes – it matters a lot. When people are looking for a nursery, it’s a bit like when they are looking for a house. Both are extremely important decisions. […]

From Faffing Around to Getting Stuff Done

We all know that feeling when there is just so much stuff. There are days when all the best organised plans just don’t work. Picture the scene. I am in the office in my nursery with my Deputy Managers. It’s Monday at 10:30 – our senior meeting. We do this every week. It’s important time […]

Every child is an artist; so how do we nurture their creativity?

When I was four years old, I was a fantastic artist. You could ask me to draw anything: real, imaginary, or a mix of the two, and I would just get on with it. I would use anything available that makes marks. Things like: chewed-up biros – in those days they had a death cap […]