Coaching is the fastest way to get results and to move yourself and your business forward.

I have three one to one coaching packages, but I can also tailor my coaching services to suit you.

If you are interested in finding out more, please complete the form so that we can book a diagnostic discovery call, to work out how I can help.

Roopam’s Nice Business Packages

NICE BUSINESS SOS – Short sharp intervention

I will help you fix an urgent issue or solve a problem that is causing you loads of drama and worry.

If you fix it now it will stop you losing money, or staff, customers or sleep.

Examples include staffing structures, pricing of services, team development, audit of services.

2 hours initial session via Zoom for problem exploration and action plan setting, then 2x 1 hour follow up Zoom sessions to get the problem sorted.  £999


Are you feeling a bit lost or directionless, or a bit “what now?”

Maybe you have lost your mojo, and need a new set of challenges…

Maybe you have achieved everything you thought you wanted to achieve, and it doesn’t feel like it is enough…

Maybe you have realised that you seem to have been drifting and are still dealing with the same things you have already dealt with, over and over again…

Maybe it feels like time is racing by and you haven’t made the progress you thought you would have by now…

Perhaps you are starting a new venture or want to really get some laser sharp focus to GET STUFF DONE.

I will help you to:

Work out what your personal goals, drivers and motivations are.

Create your vision of what success means to you.

Translate your dream future into a vision for your business.

Understand exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

No more random decisions, no more wasting money, no more feeling lost and confused and overwhelmed.

At the end of our sessions you will have an actionable 1 year plan, and a 5 year plan.

2 hour initial session via Zoom, then 4x 1 hour follow up Zoom sessions plus email and telephone support. £1800


Do you want to take your business to the next level and achieve ambitious, scary dreams?

This is a longer term commitment. I will give you focused coaching, hand holding, and firm pushing to enable you to implement your plans and to really MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

I will help you to:

Become the awesome leader and manager that you really are.

Get back to feeling, and more importantly being, in charge of your business.

Take your business to where you know it needs to be.

Build your reputation.

Drive sales, turnover, and profit.

Build an awesome team to help you all work together to be successful.

Fall back in love with being the boss.

And of course, learn how to lead your Nice Business the nice Boss way 😊

This is a 6 month programme.

Initial session is three hours either face to face (travel expenses will apply, or you can come to me) or via Zoom.

Then you will get 2x 1 hour Zoom sessions per month, plus email and telephone support.

£3500 upfront, or pay in 6 instalments of £600 per month

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