How to stop being overwhelmed and start feeling in control

So today I delivered a live webinar with my Top Tips on how to stop feeling overwhelmed, and how to start feeling in control. Great, except that I started it late, and wasn't sure if anybody could see or hear me! I should have known that the technology gremlins would be out and about... usually [...]

How to be Awesome…

Do you understand your strengths? 👏Do you know what makes you Awesome?👏 ✔️Maybe it’s your ability to energise and motivate your team. ✔️Maybe it’s your vast expertise and understanding of your chosen field. ✔️Maybe it’s your ability to instantly build rapport with anyone you meet. ✔️Maybe it’s your joy in nurturing people and seeing them [...]

I have been on the BBC today 😁

I feel so lucky to have been invited onto BBC Radio Nottingham today to chat to Alan Clifford on his afternoon show. I was very nervous about it, but decided to grab the opportunity and embrace the experience. I’m so glad I did - it was great to meet Alan. He was charming and made [...]

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