Profit Bootcamp 24th June 2019 to 22nd July 2019

Are you tired of slogging your guts out, putting in all the hours day and night, week in, week out, dawn till dusk and then burning the candle at both ends… Yet still you never seem to have any money?

You don’t have to be Robin Hood to make money in your business πŸ˜‚

It’s not a fairytale, or mythical dream… You can be a Nice Boss and make an honest living!

No more sleepless nights worrying about paying the bills, paying the wages, paying the rent… 

Imagine how amazing you will feel, being able to:

  • Pay your staff the wages they deserve
  • Maintain your premises to a high standard
  • Have all the best resources for your staff and children
  • Pay for great training and Continuing Professional Development for your staff team, and for yourself
  • Afford to attend conferences, in the UK and even abroad…
  • Have nice holidays so that you can rest, recover and come back to work refreshed and full of energy
  • Buy yourself nice treats, instead of having to worry if you will be able to pay the bills
  • Relax, knowing that you are in control of your finances, and that you can make plans to expand, buy another nursery, take on a manager, or just take a bit of time off πŸ™‚

What will you do with your business, where could you take it?

Instead of running your nursery like Penniless Penelope, you will be able to run it like Lucrative Lucy:

Lucy wakes up in the morning, hits the snooze button on her alarm, rolls over and goes back to sleep for another half hour… because she knows that she has enough staff to open up the nursery, greet the parents and children, and start the day without her.

She looks back and laughs about when she had to be in at 7:00am every morning, cook lunch for 40 children, be in ratio with the children, cover staff lunches every day, do the local school pickups herself, be in ratio again, clean up the kitchen, the rooms and the garden, and mop the floors before finally locking up at 6:30, because she had do it all herself to save money… and then she would have to do the invoices, funding claims, registers, records, wages and everything else once her own children had gone to bed…

Lucy decides to linger in bed a bit longer, and phones her nursery to remind them about the new furniture arriving that day. They have been redesigning the space to meet the needs of the children, and Lucy is feeling grateful that she has been able to finally get rid of the scruffy table with the wobbly leg… She remembers how everybody used to try to make it look pretty by draping fabric over it, but she knew it needed replacing, and couldn’t afford to buy a new one 😦

But now, they have a brand new Community Playthings set of tables coming today – she knows her team will be really inspired when they unbox the set, and she is excited about going in to nursery later to see what they have done for the children πŸ™‚

Lucy loves being able to have breakfast with her own children, before dropping them off at school. When they had been younger she had been stuck at nursery, while her staff had done the school drop offs with their own children. She’d been so worried that they wouldn’t stay with her that she had sacrificed her own family time… and it had saved her a couple of hours of staff wages. Now she loves being able to see the twins running into school, and knows that if she needs to, she can go into school for meetings, or sports day, or whatever comes up. She’s even thinking about volunteering to be a school governor…

Lucy decides that today she will do some showarounds at nursery. They are full and have a waiting list, but she knows the importance of marketing, and loves meeting potential parents. It’s always lovely to be able to show them round the nursery, and hear how impressed they are with everything she has created. Gone are the days when she would swiftly move them past the shabby cloakroom, or make a joke about the squeaky doors… it feels incredible to be proud of her nursery, and to tell them about her plans for expansion.

So Lucy absolutely loves being in control of her finances, running her nursery as a profitable business, like a Nice Boss, and planning an awesome future πŸ™‚

Let me help you Supercharge your Business, so you can be a Lucrative Lucy!

Join my Nice Boss Profit Bootcamp and in just 5 weeks we’ll turn your business around.

How will it help me?

πŸ‘Œ you will learn how to maximise your profit

πŸ‘Œ you will get real, proven ideas to increase your income

πŸ‘Œ you will learn how to stop wasting money

πŸ‘Œyou will learn how to make your cashflow smoother so you don’t have that painful gap between money going out and money coming in

πŸ‘Œ you will learn how to predict your income so you can make sound, sensible decisions about investing in your business

πŸ‘Œyou will learn how to staff your nursery effectively, so rotas, ratios and legal requirements are all met

πŸ‘Œyou will learn how to promote your nursery so customers flock to you

πŸ‘Œyou will learn how to balance the finances so you can sleep easy, pay yourself a decent wage, and build your business, all while still being a Nice Boss 😁😁😁

You’ll go into the summer holidays confident that you know how to make ends meet. Equipped with the tools and expertise that I will share with you. Able to relax, and maybe even take a nice vacation 😁

The Nice Profit Bootcamp is all online, so you don’t even need to leave your house to start changing your life 😜

Who am I, and how can I help?

I’m Roopam Carroll, and I own a nursery in Nottingham.

I bought it seven years ago, and it was run down, losing money, had a terrible reputation, and was, quite frankly rubbish.

So I worked hard, analysed using my geeky Science brain, marketed using my quirky Creative brain, and led my team using all my management and leadership skills and expertise so that now it is full.

I completely turned my nursery around.

It has a great reputation, not just in Beeston, but nationally. You may have seen us on Channel 4, in the BAFTA – nominated prgramme “Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds”.

I earn a good living from it, and I get to employ my husband, so we can have a great work-life balance and spend lots of time with our lovely duaghter.

🌟I have helped many nursery owners and managers to overcome the same problems I faced.

🌟I run a successful consultancy where I coach, train and mentors leaders and managers as “The Nice Boss”

🌟I have made Apps, which hundreds of nurseries use to calculate their ratios, and space requirements.

🌟I have been featured on the BBC, talking about being a Nice Boss.

🌟I have been featured in the famly “Early Years Voices” Series

🌟I collaborated with The Curiosity Approach to design the implementation of their accreditation and am part of their “Curiosity Approach Bus”

🌟I was a presenter in the “Hygge in the Early Years” Spring Conference

🌟I am a trained Primary Teacher, and have many incredible years of experience as a senior manager and leader in the NHS.

🌟I have an MBA in Entrepreneurship, which I gained with Distinction and an award for being the best in my year. I studied full time at Nottingham University Business School, which is one of the top Business Schools in the world.

🌟I love helping other people to learn, and love helping develop others.

🌟I know how to teach online, and even have a Post Graduate Certificate in Open and Distance Education from the Open University.

🌟I love crocheting, listening to loud music, cycling and hanging out with friends and family all over the world…


🌟🌟🌟But I’m not just a Boffin – I know how to make sense and how to do things the easy way. Because frankly, I like shortcuts and hate wasting time, energy and brain cells doing things the hard way πŸ˜‚


I’m not a grey man in a suit who will scold you and make you feel terrible…. I’m lovely, encouraging and will help and empower you to feel confident, and ready to take on the world.

That’s my real super power 😁

How does it work?

We’ll cover a different topic each week, to use my Nice Boss system to help you overhaul your business. So you can graduate the Profit Bootcamp with a firm grasp of your business, and the tools, knowledge, and most importantly confidence to run your business so you can make a good living from it.

I will deliver through a mix of online tutorials, worksheets, homework, a private facebook group and group coaching.

Week 1: money mindset. Profit is not a dirty word.

Week 2: money in, money out. Understanding income and expenses, and keeping track.

Week 3: staffing. Your biggest expense and your biggest asset.

Week 4: getting customers. Marketing for real people, the low tech way.

Week 5: pricing and payments. Making it easy for people to pay you properly.

It starts on Monday 24th June 2019, ends ends on Monday 22nd July 2019.

That’s five weeks of full on Business Boosting Action!

One module per week.

What’s the investment?

Join the Nice Profit Bootcamp for just Β£297.

Β£297 to learn how to increase income and reduce your expenses.

It’s the equivalent of Β£8.40 per day. That’s less than one minimum wage hour per day.

Considering you’re going to turn your whole business around and make a lot more money, it’s a no brainer.

That’s a great return on your investment… but remember, you will also need to invest your time if you want to stop burying your head in the sand and hoping for the best, and start creating a bright financial future, where you can have spare money to spend on holidays, shoes, or if you’re like me, oodles of yarn to crochet with 😁

Roopam’s Nice Profit Bootcamp 2019

Five weeks to get to grips with your business and start making a Nice Profit! 24th June to 22nd July.


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