Procrastination: where focus goes, energy flows

I have been thinking for a while now about blogging, but have had the usual worries – do I have anything to say, would anybody want to read it, how will I find the time…

I am a Master Procrastinator. When I was an undergraduate, way back when Tony Blair was our new hope, and Brit Pop was the coolest thing ever, I lived in a flat in Leeds 6. Anybody who has been a Student in Leeds knows that is what the area is called, not its official name of Headingley…

Most of the time I avoided housework in typical student fashion… only washing up once I had used all of my plates, casserole dishes and baking trays to eat off…But when it came to the time to work on my dissertation, all 20,000 words of it, something in me completely flipped…

Suddenly, rather than writing the many thousands of words that needed to be written, I had a real and desperate goal. That goal was to have the cleanest bathroom in the world…. I somehow even decided that 4:00 in the morning was the right time to grab a mop and some hot soapy water and swab down the tiled walls from floor to ceiling….

Anyway, a quarter of a Century later and despite having managed to earn several letters after my name, a few awards (!), have a long career in Management, becoming a mother, creating a successful Nursery, and now dabbling in Apps and Software, there is still a Master Procrastinator trying to break through in her pyjamas and eating cereal for tea.

So now is the time – I’m going to dive in. My blog is mainly going to be about Leadership and Management, particularly with regard to nurseries, but I know how my brain works, and we could go anywhere 😉

So grab a nice cup of tea, kick off your shoes and let’s go! 🙂



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