Delegation is where the magic happens!

Delegation: it can feel so difficult.

Sometimes it feels like it’s easier to just do it yourself rather than delegate.

After all, if you delegate a task, especially an open ended one, then it takes lots of time, hassle, and would have been simpler, quicker, and easier to do it yourself in the first place. 🙁

‼️We’ve all been there. Delegation sucks ‼️

💖But leadership isn’t just about getting things done.💖

It’s about empowering your team, helping them to develop their knowledge and skills, training them to lead, teaching them to make good decisions, and showing them how to lead others with passion, vision and enthusiasm.

***So I look at delegation as a teaching opportunity. ***

That way, yes, it takes time, effort, a lot of guidance and communication, but the end result can be marvellous.

Rather than saving time when I delegate, I know it will take me much more time the first few times I delegate a task to my team.

📝The first time, or even the first couple of times, it might not even get finished properly.

I will need to invest my time in explaining, guiding, encouraging, and following up.

When it is complete, I will need to debrief, and find out what went well, what was difficult, where more support would have helped, how it could be done differently.

And even then, it probably won’t be done as efficiently or as thoroughly as I would have done it.

But that’s OK. What I am doing when I am delegating is not about trying to save time right now.

I am growing my team. I am developing their skills. Their understanding. Their insight. Their ability to reflect, learn and improve. I am teaching and modelling decision making. I am showing them how to delegate effectively. I am emphasising that it is ok to fail, and to take time to learn. I am showing them patience. I am creating a culture where it is fine to ask for help rather than drown. I am nurturing them.

💕I am teaching them how to lead.💕

So all the extra time is a great investment.

Soon, they will be able to take on this task without me, and then I will save time. But even better, they will make it their own. They will do it their way, sprinkle in some of their experience, imagination and insight, and they will do it better than I could have.

That is the magic of focused, empowering delegation. It really is an art 😁💖😁

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