Beyonce is a Nice Boss and can be in my gang…

Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” is on netflix.

Have you watched it? 

I did, and yes the costumes, the choreography, the music were all mindblowingly awesome…

but what really struck me was Beyoncé’s leadership of the crew.

And by crew, I don’t just mean the hundred-odd dancers, singers on stage with her. I mean all the backstage crew too. There must have been thousands of people involved in getting the two hour show ready.

The documentary focuses on Beyoncé’s historic performance at Coachella, a massive music festival in the United States.

She was supposed to perform the previous year, but had to postpone due to being pregnant with twins.

One year later, she began the prep. With new twin babies.

Beyoncé had eight months to get ready for a two hour performance.

Yes…. eight months of solid, sweaty, gruelling hard work for a two hour performance. That is dedication. And the documentary lifts the lid (in a carefully controlled way – after all this is Queen Bey) on how much slog, co-ordination and sheer effort went into preparing this performance.

Beyonce in “Homecoming” available on Netflix

So why do I think Beyoncé can be in my Nice Boss Collaborative? 

Reason number 1. 

Beyoncé expects the absolute best of everyone in her team, including herself. She helps them to learn the moves. She helps them to be amazing. She wants them to succeed. She wants them to be fulfilled, to shine, to be superstars like her. She drives them all to be the best.

That’s a Nice Boss fundamental.

Expect your team to be amazing, and they will be.

Watch my webinar here to see all five reasons:

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