British Values in action

I hope that you are voting today.

We are very fortunate to live in a democracy; that means that we live in a country where we have the right to vote to choose who represents and leads us.

This is the difference between Great Britain and other countries where people are not allowed to vote. In those countries there is no choice, and so no freedom and no voice for their citizens.

The frightening terrorist atrocities we have seen recently are trying to stop us living our British way of life with our British democratic system.

In some of those countries women right now are not allowed to vote. That is a scary thought.

In Great Britain, not so long ago, women were not allowed to vote.

Some very brave British women believed that this was wrong. They fought against the men who ran our country to be allowed to vote. Some died in that fight. Many were beaten and arrested.

In 1918, they managed to get things changed, so that British women aged 30 and over were finally allowed to vote. It took ten more years before the voting age for women was reduced to 21, in the year 1928.

Imagine if you were told that because you are female you are not allowed to have a say in our democratic system.

So if you believe in democracy, then please use your individual right as a British Citizen to have your say and vote.

British Values in action, folks…

So use your vote, use your voice and ROAR!!!!


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